Alimony reform ending permanent alimony and creating a premise of 50/50 timesharing not yet in hands of Governor

TALLAHASSEE – Senate Bill 668 relating to alimony and “50/50” timesharing has not yet actually been presented to the Governor. However, it is anticipated it will occur in short order. Once the Governor receives the bill, he will have 15 days to act on the bill and decide whether to veto the bill or allow it to become law. The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar continues to provide letters supporting a veto of the bill. It is critical that if you want to be heard in opposition that you call and email the Governor urging him to oppose SB 668 and veto the bill and to inform others you know to do likewise.

Governor Scott’s contact information is as follows:

Telephone: 850-488-7146

The attorneys of Allen Dell pride themselves on staying abreast of changes in laws affecting our clients. Divorce laws affect all couples whether the partners are of the same-sex or opposite sexes. This bill, creating a premise for equal timesharing, affects couples with children, whether they are married or not. Keep calm and call us.