BEWARE – Do not use your work email for personal communications – a new case makes clear why

The lines between technology and our lives have become so blurred that, for many employees, work email addresses are indistinguishable to their personal ones. Three things you need to know before your hit “send” (1) Emails between you and your attorney on matters not involving the employer’s business (i.e, your divorce) are not protected by attorney client privilege to the extent they are sent, forwarded, or stored on your employer’s communication system, (2) You have no right of privacy on your employer’s email system and your employer can monitor your emails and check on websites that you visit, and (3) That email will always be there, waiting to be discovered.

Bingham v. Baycare Health Sys., 8:14-CV-73-T-23JSS, 2016 WL 3917513, at *1 (M.D. Fla. 2016)